Outsourcing is a business term referring to the method of a company hiring or adopting another company, agency, or individual and giving them a share of some of the company’s tasks, operations, or services to improve performance and outcome. 

A company runs on many small but significant operations and tasks. Right distribution on each of them will result in effective teamwork, which will ensure better focus, and this leads to better output. 

Almost every company outsources human and other kinds of resources, one way or the other. They have usually hired into small jobs that the company needs the least attention. This helps in focusing on core tasks. 

Outsourcing generally lowers cost as most employees are skilled and will be able to fulfill work more cheaply. By distributing work, this helps in maintaining operational control, offers staff flexibility, develops better management skills, and agendas and creates a platform for the better overall performance of the company. 

Keeping these advantages in mind, there are many services and tasks for which sales outsourcing companies prove useful for a company’s internal staff. A few of these are listed below.

Customer service and lead generation

Companies that call the public for making sales do not require the core team who makes the sale. So for making calls, outsourcing can be done where these people just perform the task of calling and then forward these calls to the salesperson only if the receiver on the other end is interested in the sale. 

Book-keeping and accounting

Organizing financial records is essential but does not require a skilled person’s attention and time. Outsourcing will employ less experienced people for this job-saving time and money for others.

Social media marketing

Outsourcing a social media marketing agency will save an entrepreneur his time in posting and informing in social media platforms like WhatsApp, where conversations can be frequent and require attention. 

Tax filing and tax preparation

Hiring tax consultants to prepare tax returns saves time and will ensure expert attention to details. Granting temporary access to online accounting software for generating profits is another way of doing it. 

Payroll processing

Preparing charts of payrolls consumes a lot of time, but this work also can be assigned to someone outside the company. 

Your creative work

Designing a website, advertisement posts, business cards, and other creative jobs are tasks that a company can outsource from a graphic designer or an advertising company. 

Event management

Hiring a team of event managers to schedule an event, trip, or a weekend party is also outsourcing. 

There are few jobs in a company or a start-up that will be so boring that some outside interference will express its need. Here too, hiring someone who probably might enjoy doing the job will be more productive.

Customer phone support

Employing an outsourced call center for client support through the phone is far cost-saving than hiring, training, and offering office space for an inside employee. 

Web Design

Professional expertise is demanded web designing, and a company can hire outside agencies that can provide ready-made templates that can later be improved and modified according to the company’s requirement. 

Legal services

An outsourced legal squad is not expected to protect a company in legal matters, but few overseas firms efficiently handle other sorts of legal complications. Examples of such tasks are litigation support and legal documentation.

This is more advantageous for small industries, who can’t afford legal professionals.

Healthcare services

Activities and services in medical institutions and hospitals such as teleradiology, healthcare software, medical transcription, coding medical billing are easy tasks for which outsourcing can be done. 

Human resources

Sometimes administering human resources in a company will be executed better by an outside agency. This consists of checking references, screening for suitable applicants, and advertising.


For engineers, they can hire outside help for consulting, modeling, AutoCAD designs, and sketches.

Research and Development

Researching is another job that requires the attention of someone away from the core focus of the company. Demographics, financial analysis, and market research can have agencies outside the company to do so. 

Data Entry

Tasks like order processing, cataloging, scanning indexing are data entry tasks that can be handled easily by an outsourced team. 

Computer programming

A web design company can do a database, calculator, or message board for a company’s website. 

Website optimization

Outsourcing a team for handling your website and optimizing it is a very suitable option as that will save time for other essential jobs in the company.


Hiring a new employee requires research on the employee’s background, then deciding on salary and more interviews. Hiring someone else to do this job is always better than keeping it inside the company.

CRM integration

Customer relationship management plays a vital role in the development of a company. This can be outsourced two ways – one by using the outsourced agency’s software, and two, hiring someone to perform all the procedures.

E-commerce firm

This is desirable because it grants more free time to grow business, focus more on your strengths, and lowers expenses in hiring. 

Company newsletter

Gathering information about the company’s updates and developments and publishing them in a newsletter can be done by hired content writers and editors.


Outsourcing trainees are essential because the firm may not necessarily have those with enough experience, and exercise also requires some degree of standards.


Keeping a company’s data and information safe, especially online, is better done by someone who knows about cybercrime modes, security breaching methods, and maybe hacking. These people can ensure the company is safe from cyber-attacks.