The competition in the market is ferocious, and with the new year coming, it will get fiercer. Thus, having a digital presence or opening a physical office or store is not going to help a brand if they don’t do it with proper planning and strategies.

All businesses have one goal-to increase their sales and make their customers happy. You cannot do that without a great product, and most importantly without the best marketing tactics. Any marketing you do for your business requires strategies and careful planning, and there is one kind of marketing form that most brands ignore- Word-of-mouth marketing strategy.

Why word-of-mouth marketing is important? It is because:

62% or more consumers’ read reviews and look at product reports online before buying the actual product.

90% of all consumers are a firm believer in the recommendations or reviews that their friends give about a brand.

Thus, you can see from these staggering numbers that having a good report card from your audience can increase your sales by a lot. In this blog, we will learn six strategies that will help you with your word-of-mouth marketing. But before that, let’s understand this term.

What is word-of-mouth marketing?

Word-of-mouth marketing or advertising (WOMM ) is a method of spreading reviews about a product or brand from one person to another. For instance, a movie has opened in the theaters now, the critics say it is okay, but you hear from your friend, that it is actually good, and you will like it and you go. You like the movie, and you recommend other people to watch it, and the chain continues. It is word-of-mouth marketing.

The WOMM has taken a modern touch. Now, it occurs naturally where the consumer share and talks about his/her experiences or satisfaction. It also occurs due to the efforts taken by the marketing team of a brand. The world that we live in is such that a single recommendation from a family member or friend has more impact than social media or other forms of advertising.

6 strategies for word-of-mouth marketing

Understanding and implementing these strategies are important because only 33% of businesses are taking users reviews. Also, this form of strategy generates more than 2x sales than paid advertisements.

1.   Encourage and use more user-generated content

UGC or user-generated content is the content that a customer or customers create about a brand or product. A customer shares these content on their social media pages and brands need to be on the lookout for these as they impact and attract more customers. Why? It is because they are honest and unadulterated and customer trusts reviews of other people using a brand. Look at these statistics: 55% of consumers trust UGC more than any other form of advertising

A consumer trusts other customer’s reviews 12 times more than any direct marketing tactic taken by the organization. UGC videos increase your sales by 20% Millennials spends 30% of all their time checking out UGC.

To get more user-generated content:

Create a community and comment on people’s comments and share their UGC to show that you value their feedback.

Also, run some event that will garner the customer a gift or discount if they send in their UGC. Sephora, Maybelline, and Nike are some brands that do this.

2.    Have Product Ratings on Your Website

If you are an e-commerce or tech brand, you should ask your customers to rate specific services or products on your website directly. Check out these statistics to understand why ratings are important: Having a rating on your website can increase sales by 18% 63% of customers will trust a website more if they have ratings. Some tools can help you implement a rating system on your website as Amazon and Shein do.

3.    Always keep a connection with industry influencers and leaders

Influencers are of two types- people who have an established career or our doing some good for society like motivational speakers or celebrities or sportsmen. And some influencers have a stronghold on people due to the various videos or blogs that they have on social media platforms. That is why a brand must include collaborating with influencers in their WOMM strategy. It is because they have an established reputation and following, and if they say something positive about a brand, people will listen to them.

Look at these statistics:

40% of people agree that they have bought an item after seeing the review of an influencer 73% of marketers already have a budget in place for influencer marketing. You need to be on the lookout for an influencer, anyone who has above 10K followers is legit. See, if they belong to your industry, and let them try your products for free. When they upload a post about your product, feature them in your social media to build a relationship. Nyka and Colgate are doing it.

4.   Give a positive experience to your user

One of the best ways to spread positive reviews through WOMM is to provide your users with amazing experiences that make them talk well about your product. A customer who is happy and satisfied will return to your brand and is one of the biggest assets when it comes to WOMM.

Some stats:

If a buyer is happy with a product or customer experience, 86% of buyers will agree to pay more.

49% of buyers indulge in impulse purchasing after getting a more personalized and positive experience.

5.   Share reviews and customers testimonials

Here is a fact for you: 79% of people believe and make purchasing decisions after reading customer reviews and testimonials.

That is why you need testimonials and reviews from your customers. It helps new customers believe in the product and its quality. You can upload a video or written feedback on your website or even on social media.

6.  Offer incentives

There are brands like Richfeel trichology center that offers discounts or free gifts when the customer provides referrals to them. It helps them get more customers, and also put out positive feedback for other customers.

These six ways can help you market your product better. Word-of-mouth will never go out of style, so start implementing this in your marketing strategy.Also don’t forget to use social media as a referral channel. Make amazing social media post and share it.