Businesses, whether big or small, has a variety of options for hosting their websites, mail servers or web application. It is the desire of every business to have more power and control over the hosting needs, an aspect that has contributed to making the dedicated server hosting the most preferred option for many. There are various options available, but many see web hosting as the best option dedicated. Even so, many think that it might not work for their particular web sites, and with so many dedicated server hosting providers to choose from, selecting the right one to trust with your website can be a challenge. So here is the list of 5 best and cheap dedicated hosting provider:

1. Bluehost

Bluehost was founded in Utah in 2003 and since then has supported more than 2 million websites around the world. In has partnered with WordPress during the last 10 years and has been an optimized hosting service, such as WordPress 1-click installation, to accommodate thousands of users of the popular CMS platform. Offers full service in house with its own fiber connection, data centers, and a custom Linux kernel running on the server is built. This hosting company provides world-class technologies such as dual quad-core servers, UPS power backup, and many more. Its dedicated server is tuned for the highest performance, and the use of high-quality storage with RAID 1 support, which means the drive, is really a mirror, making sure the data is well protected.

Price range: $ 79.99 – $ 119.99 with three different special packages in storage, RAM and the size of the bandwidth

2. HostingRaja

HostingRaja is known for cheap shared web hosting and domains, but also provide a higher-end to a VPS hosting and dedicated servers. The company hosts many websites including WordPress blogs, and applications for developers, designers, and small businesses. It also offers many different types of hosting such as shared, VPS hosting, and many others. VPS and dedicated hosting based on Linux and fully staffed. Providers guarantee 100% uptime on all hosting plans and if errors in HostingRaja also provide databases, webmail, SSH, or FTP. The HostingRaja is the best hosting service provider and also provide the best support over chat and call.

Price range: 3299 rupees to 11415 rupees/month in four plans which have the bandwidth starting from 5 TB to 15 TB, provide storage starting from 512 GB to 2 TB, and 4 Core CPU.

 3. HostGator

HostGator web hosting is a strong choice is made easy and affordable for both small businesses and enterprises that require cloud, WordPress, shared, VPS or dedicated web hosting services. The company was founded in 2002 with headquarters in Houston, Texas, and offices in Austin (Texas), Canada, Brazil, Russia, and Mexico. Since it has become a multi-awarded web service and hosting recognized that manages 8 million domains including top companies like Dell, Cisco, and AT & T leased data center facilities that house more than 12,000 servers and uses 10 different fiber providers. Its dedicated server is flexible, customizable and configurable. They can be managed or solutions that provide maximum performance and is ideal for larger business and high traffic sites semi-managed.

Price range: $ 119 – $ 149 / month is available in three plans with 4 to 8 cores, 8 to 32GB of RAM, 1 2TB HDD, Linux or Windows OS, and unmetered bandwidth.

4. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is the best hosting provider. This hosting company is an Internet domain registrar and web hosting company founded in America in 1997. It is regarded as the largest domain registrar in the world that manages 63 million domains, or 21% of the total domain in the world. It offers traditional hosting services like web hosting, business hosting, and managed WordPress hosting, all at a premium price. Its dedicated server packages come with a steep cost, clearly intended for businesses and corporations with deep pockets.

Price range: Starting at $ 3488 to $ 6488 / month at 4 Linux plan. The price for Windows is a higher plan.

5. Liquid web

Liquid Web is a web hosting company that is highly-rated which has been in business for 20 years, serving customers in more than 130 countries and manages half a million sites through five global data centers. While Liquid Web offers for shared hosting, the main focus is on VPS and dedicated hosting plan that comes in a premium package. Said package for dedicated and VPS clients are supported by a guarantee – 100% network uptime, response time 30 minutes early, and a 30-minute hardware replacement. In addition, Liquid Web clients credit with ten times the cost of downtime they experienced if the guarantee is not met.

Price range: $ 199 – $ 569 / month in four different packages to single dedicated server processor and $ 399 – $ 789 / month as well in four separate plans for a dual-processor dedicated server.