Hacking or spying secretly on someone’s private things is a legal offence. But in some situations, the law allows people to surveillance on someone secret things. Like parents are the guardians of kids, so they can monitor their secret activities remotely. Likewise, business is an owner, so it can spy on their employees every activity.

But the point is, why do we need to spy? As we know today, there are modern types of social media apps who have completely engulfed the people. People can talk to anyone from any corner of the world by sitting in their restroom. The disadvantage of this is that people get involved in it mentally and emotionally and then fall into wrongdoing, which affects their performance. The most used app is WhatsApp, which has almost replaced SMS and calls. There are many groups on WhatsApp, including dirty groups where most of the teens and employees have seen as interested. To protect them from such activities, spy technology has provided a good deal of software tracking them remotely and preventing them.

Among other software’s TheOneSpy mobile spy app is the most advanced featured spy software, which specifically facilitates users with a special app to spy on WhatsApp. Let’s look deeply at WhatsApp spy app to know how it helps users.  

TheOneSpy WhatsApp Spy App

TheOneSpy is an outstanding software that facilitates it with dynamic features and their reliable performance. Users can trust it blindly as it allows them to monitor someone in a 100% stealth mode. For WhatsApp, it offers a special featured application called WhatsApp spy app. It specifically tracks every single activity going on a targeted device WhatsApp.

 WhatsApp spy app facilitates users in four different ways, which are following.

  • WhatsApp Keystroke

It empowers the user to monitor all keystrokes applied by a targeted person on their WhatsApp. Users can detect password or every single typed word. Users can get every single keystroke remotely and instantly. If the user is busy, it allows the user to send command of automatically tracking, when a targeted person will on the WhatsApp.

  • WhatsApp Chat Spy

WhatsApp chat spy allows the user to spy on all conversations, sent or received messages, voice messages and shared media files as well. It also enables the user to track every message with time and date. Users can check the number who send a message. Users can also send the command to track automatically and deliver all on a cloud account.

  • WhatsApp Voice Spy

TOS WhatsApp voice spy empowers the user to spy on all voice conversations going on a targeted device WhatsApp. Users can listen to voice messages, audio calls and video call voices as well. User can get all voice chats with exact time and date.

  • WhatsApp Screen Recorder

It gives the user complete access over every single activity going on the targeted WhatsApp. Users can record activities in real-time. It makes 1-minute short videos and sends automatically on the user’s cloud account, so the user can watch them later. Users can record messages, shared files, voice messages, audio and video calls.

How is TOS WhatsApp Spy App Perfect for Users?

If you see anyone’s mobile, you will find WhatsApp there. As WhatsApp is free and its user-friendly features are the reason behind its popularity, which is why so many people prefer it over SMS and calling from. And after some time, people start using it negatively. So, WhatsApp spy app allows people to surveillance their loved ones or employees’ activities on WhatsApp secretly.

TOS WhatsApp spy app gives true parental control over kids/ teen’s devices to monitor to whom kids are chatting, where the kid is planning to go with friends, to whom they are making endless calls and to monitor that kid is not sharing the wrong material on the video call.

Similarly, an employer can spy on their employee WhatsApp to make sure that the employee is not sharing the company’s secret data with anyone. Or to check to whom the employee is calling and chatting during working hours.


We concluded that the WhatsApp spy app is the most useful and powerful tool that facilitates users to spy on WhatsApp with its different features and their multiple functions. It works secretly and provides real-time information. Over time, it will help users with more advanced features.