With increasing competition and the quest to prove own organization superior among the others, leaders are leaving no stone unturned in adopting new ways or technologies. Every industry is facing neck to neck competition among the companies and the hospitality industry is no different.

Hotels today have gone way advanced than they were some time back. Owners want to serve their guests the best-in-class services and achieve highest positions in not just the real world but digital world as well. The ratings and reviews given by clients and customers on social media and search engine platforms mark a great impression on prospecting clients. They judge whether the selected hotel is a

good choice or not with the available reviews. Thanks to hotel booking apps too that enlists almost all the hotels at a destination and simplifies the choice of a customer even more.

Are you getting the whole idea of narrating what digitalization has done to the industry? The whole point is to make you understand what role technology plays in a company’s success. You being in the hotel industry imagine what if you operate in mismanaged systems and customers coming to your hotel leave the premises unsatisfied and give bad ratings to your hotel? Certainly, not cool.

This is what this blog is all about. Leaders, it’s time to stop relying on manual tasks and switch to a smart ERP system capable of handling the entire business functions. That would not just add quality to your services but will also improve your position in the market.

Let’s have a look at best-suited ERP for hotel industry – SAP Business One’s features and understand how it could help you grow as an organization:

SAP Business One Contribution towards Hotel Business

1. Improves Customer Experience

● Being in the hostel business, you have to have concrete customer data to offer them related deals so that they would love to visit your hotel again.

● SAP B1, integrates the entire business and departments that means there’s no need for manual communication on customer’s orders and requirements. He would place his requirements himself that automatically gets saved and can be reviewed at the time of check outs.

● Also, with the well-managed business processes, you will be able to deliver your customers fastest with greater quality. This would add quality and value to your services and the customers may also refer your hotel to their close ones.

2. Improve Inventory Management

● You never know who might need what when customers plan their stay at your hotel.

You need to be all the readier for everything that comes your way. Now to ensure the same, you have to have a solid inventory planning system that could alert you to replenish the items as soon as they reduce in amount. Also, it would help you avoid wastage in your store. SAP Business One does that all for you with greater accuracy and precision.

● Furthermore, the system can play a major role in analyzing the popular items among the customers and manage suppliers accordingly.

3. Hotel Financials

● With better accuracy with numbers and calculations of bills, SAP Business One helps you gain a clear visibility on hotel accounting and financial situation to make smarter decisions.

● Also, with pre-approved billing systems, you can experience a seamless GIS filing. The list is never ending. But, I believe it has given you a good idea on what difference a robust ERP software in India like SAP B1 can create in a hotel industry.