Congratulations, finally you have found the man/woman of your life. Since the time he/she has entered your life, each day is passing like a fairy tale. And you can’t wait to begin the most exciting phase of your life – The wedding. But right now, just sit back and relax. Enjoy the amazing courtship period. The courtship period is one rosy, dreamy, and joyful experience much more than our imagination. It is super adventurous and super romantic. 

Be it a long courtship period or a short courtship period, it is always special and the imprints remain on our heart for an extended period of time. So, why not take every possible step to make it more mesmerizing. Here we bring the most fantastic ideas to make the courtship period as memorable as possible. Have a look:

  1. Plan coffee dates at the weekend: Due to professional commitments, you may not get much time to spend quality time during weekdays, but weekends are always yours. Plan a chit chat time with your fiancee over a coffee date. Dress your best, set the right hairdo, and spray the soothing perfume and meet your love with an undaunting smile. Grab a corner space in the cafe to do private talks. Stop being silent and shy. Just be outspoken, but not brash. Share your thoughts, be witty, reveal your other side, flirt a bit. Above all have fun while sipping caffeine doses. 
  2. Make a random movie plan: So, it is easy to plan things on the weekend, but the fun is when you make random plans. Planned things are not that much memorable, but crazy sudden plans make the best memories. So, have a few mornings in which instead of going to the office, go for a movie. Make an immediate booking, enjoy your cozy and alone time. Laugh together, giggle together, enjoy every emotion of the movie by holding hands with each other. 
  3. Give sweet surprises for no reason: It’s not necessary that there should be an occasion to surprise your sweetheart. The courtship period is an occasion in itself. Charm your would-be spouse by giving him/her sweet surprises like sending flowers to the workplace, gifting handmade greeting cards to express your feelings on brunch dates or slipping a personal note into his/her bag with a memorable sweet message. If your darling loves binging into sweet dishes, then you may send him/her cakes just to wish a happy day or a happy weekend ahead. There are various websites from which you can easily order cake online across the Nation. You can avail cake delivery in Agra mentioning the address and date of delivery. You can even get it personalized by uploading an image. 
  4. Do wedding shopping together: Soon, both of you will be hitched forever, then why not make preparations for this day together. Help each other in picking the right stuff for each other. Be it a wedding attire, honeymoon casual clothes or post marriage office attire, give your suggestion, and give the best makeover to your spouse. You can also select attires for your family members and gift items for all your friends and relatives.
  5. Introduce them to your bestie gang:  Let your honey be the part of your bestie gang. Afterall,  post-marriage, his friends will be your friends and vice-versa. Let your friends know how lovely he/she is and let your partner also discover what gems you have around. Both of you plan dinner dates with your friends, and their respective spouse or partner to be. It would definitely be a highly enjoyable time for both of you.
  6. Go for a long drive:  Go for a long drive to have a break from the outer world. Set romantic songs, hold each others’ hands, do non-stop laughings, long-lasting conversations to make your courtship period romantic and memorable. Drop hints about your personality. Share your aspirations, your likes, dislikings. Try to understand each other’s families to avoid compromises and create a sense of sensitiveness and care in the eyes of your partner.  

So, before the marriage reality comes your way, why not make the most of the courtship period! With all the preparations and hustle and bustle, don’t forget to spend time with each other to make the bond stronger and healthier.