Delays are an inevitable part of the construction projects. Some of them are concurrent, while others are not. Moreover, some are caused due to foreseen, and others are caused by unforeseen scenarios. Based on these specifications, some delays are excusable, and others are non-excusable.

Excusable delays mean that they were not in control of the contractors or site owners. Therefore, the involved parties need to make the amendments and ensure the safe and sound completion of the project. It will still impact the progress of the project and has the chances of creating a conflict between involved parties.

When facing such a situation, the parties involved in a construction project often hire the services of delay experts and ensure to resolve the matter and focus on its completion. They try to get the expert opinion to minimize their loss. This article will discuss some important ways excusable delays impact the progress of construction projects.

Top 4 Ways Excusable Delays Effect Progress of Projects

Excusable delays are those which occur due to uncontrollable or unforeseen scenarios. Such delays are not due to human error; however, they require some changes in project completion.

The involved parties have to keep the bigger picture in mind and not compromise on the safety of the project.

The following are the most important ways excusable delays affect the progress of construction projects.

1. Cost Escalation of Project

The very first way excusable delays impact the progress of a project is by escalating its cost. In most of the excusable delays, damage to the project is inevitable. For example, in the case of an earthquake, it can damage the work done and require to set the foundation again.

Compensating the damages will require more budget and increase the cost of the project.

2. Time Extension for Completion

The second way excusable delays impact the progress of a construction project is by causing time extension for completion. When a foreseen or unforeseen scenario has occurred, the damage caused by will affect the pace of workflow. The labor force might need to redevelop some structure from the base, which will definitely need more time.

3. Require Damage Assessment

One of the most important ways excusable delays impact the progress of construction projects is that it requires the damage assessment. For example, in the case of flood, the parties involved in the project do not just need to wait for the site to get dried and ideal for construction. They need to recheck the foundations and other aspects which will require professional damage assessment.

4. Undermine the Reputation of Project

Lastly, the construction projects often face reputational issues due to the excusable delays. A number of people and parties are linked with commercial construction projects. The parties need to ensure the functionality of the project at a certain time. When the project is not completed on time, its market value will lower down and cause loss to the owners. In addition to it, it can also cause conflict among the involved parties. Facing conflicts due to excusable delays?

It is quite a common part of excusable delays, as they are often unforeseen and the parties try to put the damage on each other. However, here is a great solution to the issue. You can hire the services of delay experts and get a detailed review of your project. You can also ensure to get the strategies of managing the damages and ensure timely completion of the project.

So, do not waste any more time and get expert consultation now to ensure the smooth completion of your project.