Social Media is a great source for the exposure of a company or brand. The social presence of the website on social media platforms is really good practice for driving the bulk of the audience over a website offering products or services.

Social Media Marketing refers to the use of social media platforms in such a way that it increases the number of traffic over your website top massive number. But to do so the social media platforms must be highly optimized and engaging enough to attract the users. Build up strong social media strategy with the help of these pro tips to optimize Social Media Business Profiles-

Top 10 Ways To Optimize Social Media Business Profiles-

  1. Use Right Size And High-Quality Images

Different Social Media Platforms have different dimensions It’s very important to show right size of images and quality to the user. It gives your first impression to the visitor very impactful. It’s really important to optimize the size of your every social media profile with right size of image with HD quality.

Check out the list of optimized size on every social media platform-

  • Facebook Profile Photo: 170 X 170 pixels
  • Twitter Profile Photo: 400 X 400 pixels
  • Integra  Profile Photo: 110 X 110 pixels
  • LinkedIn Profile Photo: 400 X 400 pixels 

2. Use Same Social Image On Every Platform

A pro tip to optimize your social media platform is to keep the same image on all social media profiles. It will keep you on the top of the mind of the user whenever your profile is seen in the social media news feed.

Using different profile pictures fades away a strong image of your brand from the users head.

3. Provide Complete And Accurate Information Of Your Brand

It is a very important tip to optimize your social media platforms. In order to get engagements of the audience in your product or service, it is necessary to provide complete information about your company ad brand which should be accurate as well at the same time. It builds up the strong interest of the user in your company’s profile.

4. Use Relevant Keywords Related To Your Brand

Keywords play a major role in the popularity and higher ranking of your brand in SERRP or social media. Look for the relevant keywords related to your product and service and try to embed these keywords in your daily post or content of your website.

For this one can build up a practice of research of keywords from the best keyword research tools. Some of the top most keyword research tools are listed below-

  • Ubersuggest
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Ahref
  • SEMrush
  • Moz

And so on. Some of these tools are available for free of cost and some provides paid services. Choice must be made as per the requirement and budget of the brand.

5. Put Your Best Content At Top

Your first impression is your last impression!!!

Indeed true quote. So another fruitful tip for optimizing the social media profile of the company is to put the best content representing the brand, service, and products of the company to the best level that must be placed at the top of the profile.

Keep your social media profile optimized and well-managed.

6. Untagged Yourself From Irrelevant Content

It is generally observed that people tag your company profile or your personal social media accounts, which sometimes proofs to be irritating r ruins the image of the brand. So in order to avoid so, untag yourself from the unwanted and malicious content in which you are tagged in.

Keep an eye on your social media accounts in order to avoid so.

7. Be Consistent With Your Social Media Posts

Time to time posting of consistent content on every social media platform is necessary in order to keep a user engaged with your brand by any of the ways. Consistent posting of relevant and interesting content on social media platforms raise brand recognition over the user.

Stay updated with the latest news in your field in order to plan engaging content for the users.

8. Create Links With All Social Media Platforms

The social presence of the company on every social media platform is also very necessary. It increases the reliability level of the user over your company.

It is suggested to have a social presence on approximately 4-5 social media platforms. It works well!!!

  • Facebook
  • Integra
  • Reedit
  • Tumbler
  • Scoop it
  • Medium

9. Scheduling Of The Post


Three major keys for optimizing your social media platform. It is suggested to plan for approx. weekly content for well managed social media profiles with continent interesting content.

10. Use Visual Content To The level Of Expertise

Visual content leave a strong impact on the user. Rich-mix of HD quality professionally designed images in your social media profile lets to drive more organic audience toward your website.

Some Amazing Facts about visual content that will let you involve visual content on your website-