Isolation and quarantine are the side-effects of the ongoing pandemic. If you wish to flatten the curve and save a life, you need to follow the government measures for social distancing.

It means, not going to the office except for essential workers, or hanging in bars or restaurants, or meeting your family and friends at their home.

Until and unless, we are sure that things are getting better, adhering to social distancing is important for all humanity.

Unfortunately, staying in isolation is not great for our mental health. It is especially tough for people who are living alone, or who love to go out to work and meet new people every-day.

By social distancing, we are keeping ourselves safe from novel coronavirus. But we need to do something about our mental health too. Social media can help us with this. It helps us stay connected with the people we love, get entertaining news, and release some form of anxiety.

Some people use social media to increase negativity, and you need to stay away from them. If you use social media platforms in the right way, you will not feel alone, and you will learn something important every day.

Here are some ways that social media can help people during social-distancing.

1. Watch Netflix together

One of the things that you would be missing doing with your family or friends would be watching movies. Having movies night or going out for movies was fun and memorable.

Now, as per social distancing, you cannot just go to theatres or surprise your friend with a movie night. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy movies together?

Not sure what I am talking about? Well, Netflix, the streaming giant has come up with a Netflix party feature. It is available as a chrome extension for laptops and computers.

When you download this extension, you can connect with your friends and family. You can chat in real-time while watching the movie or series. It will be just like watching it together. Even Hotstar, the leading Indian platform allows people to chat while watching a series or movies. Try these apps, and continue your Friday movie marathon night.

2. Share tips and videos on Instagram or Facebook

Another way to use social media during social distancing is by using it to share tips and informative videos. A lot of people are pervy to fake news or are unsure about what to do in a certain situation.

For instance, in India, railways are working again for limited people. A lot of people stuck in different cities may find this news helpful.

Find the correct source of information, and share them on your social media. You can also create posters using Canva, and share do’s and don’ts while going out in this pandemic or how to wash vegetables, and so on.

Every little piece of correct information can help tons of people.

3. Connect virtually

A lot of social media platforms provide the option to connect with people through video calls. Skype, Zoom, Facebook video, WhatsApp, Facetime, and so on. You can even use the video calling option of Instagram to connect with your family or friends.

It is a great way to remain in touch and do more than that. With the help of these platforms, you can have date nights or coffee dates or so on. As you have the option to connect with more than one person using some of these platforms, you can have a virtual party.

For instance, is it your birthday? Ask all your close friends and family to connect with you at a particular time for the cake cutting ceremony. Similarly, if you don’t feel like eating dinner alone, call up a family member, and eat together.

4.  Host watch parties

A lot of events and parties are canceling due to the pandemic. No concerts, no musical nights, or play openings, and so on. But you can still use social media to entertain people, it will also give you something to do.

For instance, use YouTube to stream a live musical concert if you are a musician or so on.

Or you can use zoom to hold a virtual party, where you sing or dance or do karaoke, and your friends can join you for the same virtually. You can decorate the house, come up with games, and snacks. It won’t be the same, but it is better than sitting at home and sulking.

Most people are working from home, others are stuck at home, and meeting anyone is a big no. In such times, use social media to not only catch up with people but also to share important and positive tips.

We are experiencing trying times, but if we stick together, and help each other by ensuring that no one feels alone or stays hungry, we will win this fight. With social media, you can not only ease your loneliness, but you can help people in need.