Take the cahallenge: Having to meet multiple eligibility criteria to take the CAT is a minor hurdle after which you can choose from the best MBA colleges in Bangalore, with a life-changing decision as to where or which college.  With over a hundred colleges and institutes offering MBA you might be looking to fit in to the top five of ten, which is what everybody is doing. Once you have narrowed in on which college or institute, based on your career pursuits, you would also want to consider all that the college has to offer you, and if that is going to enhance your career growth by the end of two years. Amongst the top 10 MBA colleges in Bangalore, RCMB, have some advantages and a definite edge over the rest of the colleges. Your decision Need be based on where or what your passionate about, and which industry you want to be a contributor to.

A studies activity balance: Focus on your core MBA subjects is just as important as the workshops, trainings, corporate interactions, and other professional development programs that contribute to your professional development with each exposure and interaction. These programs are usually activity based and are designed to impart learning albeit simulated with you and your teammates as participants. Activities that might seem trivial at the outset do have a deeper learning as you get to unravel it yourself, much like unwrapping a gift. Another advantage to these expositions is the opportunity you have to interact with and imbibe corporate practice. The range of subjects that are brought to you are numerous, and are based on real-time corporate activity.  Your college/institution manages concurrent ties with corporate leaders and methodologies that are ever subject to change, given the robust global market we all are a part of.   In the course of your mingling and upgrading your knowledge and communication skills you will also build the confidence to project yourself professionally with confidence, at team meetings, interviews of any nature including job interviews and group discussions, with an enhanced general knowledge.

Proactive as opposed to reactive: Stay abreast of current market trends, corporate updates and trends, to narrow in on opportunities that are aplenty but for which there is a lot of competition. Your college/institute maintains a network of leading MNCs around you with this very intent. As you grow with this mind-set you will evolve and take on a more corporate persona that the corporate world is bleeding for. Given the corporate you are with and the nature of your profile the areas of enhancement is wide, but it’s your time in college that is giving you the foundation to take advantage of those opportunities. As mentioned earlier your career success is at the heart of the RCMB vision. A proactive approach, will keep you abreast of their upcoming training programmes and workshops. You will even have industry captains involved in some projects, the benefit of these workshop is the exposure you get to real-time scenario. Your fresh innovative ideas will keep motivation high. Brainstorming current affairs from the financial and management perspective are encouraged, keeping your communication skills sharp. This kind of spontaneity is important to your decision making abilities as you get into a management role.

Keeping your home work current: The advantage you have is taking-in all of this learning over the next two years and doing this at a pace that is not too much for you to assimilate and begin practicing even as you are a student, well poised, and well prepared for a high profile role commanding a package that could be as high as 2.7 million. Give it your best shot; you are on your way up the ladder.