As we talk about natural beauty, Shimla comes at the top. Shimla comes in the list of one of the top hill stations. Everyone must have heard about the beauty of Shimla. It is a mesmerizing place that is located in Himachal Pradesh in India. A place that is full of greenery, mountains, and rivers cannot be less than heaven at any cost. While entering Shimla, eyes get a million-dollar view that has never seen before. First, the cold breeze strikes your face and it feels like a wonder happened to you, this cold breeze gives such a beautiful feeling of happiness. Then as you walk on, you find a completely friendly environment over there. A feeling that you have reached a completely different part of the earth. Big trees give a view as they are welcoming you to a new world. Fresh air is being gifted by them to all the people staying in Shimla. And when there is a gift given by nature that gift can be called the world’s beautiful gift that can’t be given by anyone else on the earth except God. Adventurous activities like trekking, mountaineering, skiing, ice skating, rock climbing, rafting are the major sports in Shimla. It is a place that looks different in different seasons. In spring seasons, thunderstorms are normal and sometimes it rains. If we talk about the monsoon season, then enjoying your moments at Shimla Mall Road leads you to a lovely lifetime experience. In winters, snowfalls in Shimla and it covers the mountains of Shimla, it seems like nature has made mountains to wear white clothes to enhance their beauty. Lots of woolen clothes are mandatory for winter Shimla trip otherwise you be sitting alone in a room to warm yourself and can’t enjoy the snowfall because the temperature drops down and you will be freezing like a watermelon in the freezer. So go on the trip with your necessities. This place is full of spiritual places. The mind of the devotees plays an important role to make the environment of Shimla spiritual. The people who dwell in Shimla, are called Pahadis; they have a great belief in Devi devtas also called deities. So if you go to Shimla at a time when there is a sacred occasion then you will surely enjoy the festive mode of the Shimla with the dwellers and it will definitely take you to the heights of enjoyment.  So taking a Shimla tour package will not be less than taking a trip to heaven.

Now we talk about Manali, it is placed which is also situated in Himachal Pradesh. Manali is a town where thousands of visitors visit throughout the year. Rivers are flowing in the laps of the mountain that gives an extraordinarily amazing view. And visitors sit in the laps of those mountains for hours and hours. Visiting temples in Manali provide peace to the mind. Lots of Monenstries, Valleys, passes attracts the sights of the visitors in Manali. Apple orchards, pine trees, Deodar trees, Beas river are the attractions that can not be hidden by any visitor of Manali. There may not be anyone in the whole world who doesn’t like waterfalls. Manali is filled with waterfalls and sitting in front of them gives a  high sigh of relief and keeps the world at one end and you at the other end. The idea of taking a trip to Himachal Pradesh will be the most amazing idea throughout your life. Because if your eyes have not got an amazing view of the most fabulous places in your country, then it will be worthless to make a trip to the outside world. Nature has cherished its beauty to keep human being happy, healthy and joyous all the time. Nowadays we live in an era of complete busyness that makes our mind and body complicated to live a harmonious life. In urban areas, people are just stuck to their lifestyles and do not get the time to take care of their souls. But these hilly places Shimla and Manali are still welcoming you to make your life extremely comfortable. So get a Shimla Manali tour package to take your life to newer heights.