India is not just a country but innumerable experiences that makes travel worthwhile. Bordered by three water bodies- Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea & Bay of Bengal and the highest mountain range in the world -Himalayas, shaped by countless influences, from centuries old civilizations to modern day technology, diverse cultures & communities, India has so much to explore.  

From the lazy shores to the high mountains, from the hot desert to the cold desert, backwaters to jungles, ancient cities to bustling cities, India is amazing. Exploring India is just not travelling, it is also staying at homestays, heritage hotels, luxury hotels, a houseboat, campsites, etc; it is also taste of diverse food & drinks, shopping to hearts’ content, luxury train tours, boat rides, camel rides, heritage walks, festivals and so much more.  Here is a list of seven unique experiences that you must cover with your India tour packages

1. Awe at the Marvels of Nature & Construction

India is blessed by nature and also many manmade wonders. The diversity in its geography is awe-inspiring as there is everything from mountains to beaches of soft golden sands overlooking endless blues, deserts to jungles, and backwaters to islands. Such diversity is the reason that a holiday in India is so special. You can enjoy the beaches, hills, jungles, desert and anything you wish for all in one tour.

Like its natural blessings, India has many architectural wonders. Owing to the ages-old history and multiple cultures, India has numerous man-made treasures. From heritage sites recognized by UNESCO to sites preserved for its cultural value, there is a lot to explore. From Taj Mahal ‘one of the wonders of the world’ to the historic city of Jaipur, there are 38 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The architectural splendor of the forts, palaces, temples, step wells and even the city gates are awe-inspiring.

2. Eat local food

Indian food is a vital part of the rich culture. Tasting the diverse cuisines is an enriching travel experience in India. With so many cuisines, owing to the diverse geography, culture and unique style of cooking, there is never any shortage of delightful delicacies to try. From the rich spice-filled preparations to meals that adhere to Ayurveda, there are dishes that treat your taste buds. 56 dishes meals, street foods, dessert, feasts and more, get ready to be pampered with soulful preparations.

3. Experience Cultural Diversity

The land of 29 states and seven union territories is home to the start of civilization to many eras of history each with its own tales to narrated. The inhabiting population of many religions, sects & communities contribute towards a cultural potpourri. A holiday in India is incomplete if you have not experienced the rich diversity.

The cultural diversity includes the festivals, traditions, food, clothing, dance, music and every way of life. From ancient traditions such as Ganga Aarti to Kumbh Mela, to various dance forms, practices of weaving, embroidery and other skills, there is much to explore and experience.  Some of these traditions are included among the UNESCO Intangible Culture Heritage.

4. Stay at heritage hotels

Heritage hotels in India have kept intact the days of glory. While Rajasthan abounds in many properties there are also amazing options all over the country. A stay at heritage hotels in one of must-try experiences in India. Relive the history, marvel at architecture, enjoy being pampered as royalty and have the best time of your life.

5. Go on Wildlife safaris

India abounds in wildlife. The diverse topography is home to lush jungles where ferocious tigers, roaring lions, deer, birds, crocodiles and many other species of the animal kingdom call their home. With 100+ options of wildlife sanctuaries, national parks and wildlife reserves, it is very easy to plan a wildlife outing. Try out tiger safaris in the lush Madhya Pradesh or the former hunting reserves of Rajasthan, jeep safari, boat safaris, bird watching tours and more. With a stay at wildlife resorts enhance the thrill of wildlife tour packages.

6. Try Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda at an Ashram

Yoga, Ayurveda and other holistic treatments are ancient traditions of India. To experience bliss, harmony and the secrets of wellness stay at an ashram that practice these traditions. The peace you feel is one of the most cherished experiences in India.