Magnetic closure rigid boxes are the strongest and sturdiest packing boxes of all the other paper packing because they are made up of corrugated cardboard. Corrugated cardboard has a structure different from other card boards. It is made by layering flute papers inside regular sheets and glued together. Their strength is adjustable with the increase or decrease in the number of layers. Paper packaging is highly customizable in terms of shapes, sizes, and designs that represent the brand in the most effective manner. To give your jewelry some extra spark go for custom shapes like round, square, and other geometric shapes to give better containment to the product. 

Jewelry Needs Packaging

To meet your jewelry needs, magnetic closure rigid boxes are the most versatile when it comes to packaging requirements such as protection, containment, aesthetic appeal, and storage. These boxes are made up of corrugated cardboard that is the strongest of them all. It is highly adjustable in terms of shapes and sizes that perfectly fit your product. Custom printing in the premium quality gives a personalized and branded outlook to the product making it more professional. These encasements are not only attractive but also sustainable and affordable. Wholesale gives high-end packaging at the most reasonable rates than other alternatives that are available in the market.

The packaging is no doubt the most crucial thing when it comes to representing your product in the most effective manner. It is because packaging plays an important role in determining the fate of the brand in a lot of different ways such as;

  • Attractive outlook
  • Durable containment
  • Marketing & advertising
  • Distinctive brand image
  • Develop trust and a deeper connection with customers

So, it is obvious that packaging is necessary for every business no matter small or large because the number of brands that offer similar products has increased, which raised the competition. Only the competitive brands that represent themselves effectively and efficiently make to the top especially for the products that are hot selling such as jewelry.

Jewelry is one of the most purchased products because people like to jazz up their look with some funky earrings, some bangle, rings, or studs. It also makes a perfect present for the people you love. 

 So, if you are selling some quality jewelry but not getting the deserved attention it means you lack in your packaging.

Magnetic closure rigid boxes are the high-in-demand product packing that can be used for any type of product but in a customized manner according to your needs and requirements.

Here are some cents on how you can take the best advantage of rigid cases for the benefit of your business.


Customize and customize. 

It is the only and most sincere advice someone can give you. Custom magnetic boxesare capable of high customization in terms of shapes, sizes, and designs that represent your product and the brand in the most effective manner. 

Unique Shapes & Sizes

Jewelry is a versatile product. It comes in different shapes and sizes that demand packaging following their type to give a more professional look to the product. 

You can use die-cut encasements in shapes that complement your product and offer the best presentation such as for necklace you can go for rectangular magnetic cases and for earrings, square encasements are the best, and flip-top boxes with magnetic catch gives dreamy packaging to jewelry sets.

Go for adjustable sizes that perfectly fit the product, hence keep your jewelry items in place with a perfect display. 

Custom designs

Custom magnetic closure boxes printed in the colors, patterns, custom logo, and other information that is the essence of the brand creates a strong and more professional image in the market that speaks for the company’s worth. 

Besides customization, these cases can be used effectively in developing a strong base of the brand that is capable of beating any kind of competition. 

Brand Awareness 

A Custom branded magnetic boxescan be used to market and advertise the product and your business. 

Customers may or may not remember the name of the brand but colors, symbols, and patterns always stay at the back end of the mind. Whenever they see something related, it will instantly remind them of you. Make use of attractive and captivating colors with aesthetically appealing font or patterns that leave the customers mesmerized. 

These boxes work as a salesperson for the brand because of its quality and printing, while resting on the shelves to be picked and loved by the customers. 

Boost Sales

Customers make their purchase decision depending on the quality of the box as better the quality, high-end the product seems. Informative packing that perfectly displays the product such as window cut out magnetic cases showcase the product inside the box sells out instantly than plain boring ones. 


luxury packaging is the most luxurious because of its finest and durable material yet the most affordable for every kind of brand, small or large. 

Here are some facts about how they are the most efficient when it comes to saving money;

  1. They are light in weight thus saves a lot on shipping and storage.
  2. Magnetic closure paper packaging is made up of recycled paper mostly, which is cheaper.
  3. Wholesale save a lot because of the bulk order. Higher the number of items per order, lower the price per unit.

Be creative and innovative with your designs when it comes to customization as it is free of all the restrictions and limitations. This packaging will never let you down because of their uniqueness and provide recognition among the brands.