There no doubt in the fact, that technology is the only thing that is changing at a very fast pace. Hence, people from different spheres of life get hooked up with this technology. There are so many tech bloggers and influencers in India who made efforts to make best tech blogs India. So, if you want to know about them, then you should read this article. We will tell you about the best bloggers and influencers of India. Have a look:


This is a blog by Ashish Sinha, he is a very talented person and is a graduate from IIT Roorkee and IIM Bangalore. He is a person who has previously worked with so many tech companies such as Yahoo, i2 technology, IBM, etc. Therefore, he is very expert and he is having the main focus on product management. After gaining experience of 7 and more years he decided to start his blog known as Next Big What (it is the top tech blogs in India). He has made so many efforts to reach this blog on top. Hence, this is a blog that covers all the updates from mobile and other online industries. So, technology lovers should go and refer to this blog.


This is a blog by Mr. Amit Bhavani who basically belongs from Hyderabad. He is very much talented and is holding more than 40 blogs at present. This is a blog through which you can get information related to all new Android devices from different brands. Not only this, but this blog also passes all the necessary information and specification related to the android devices.

If you are a person, who never wants to miss about new android launches, then you can refer to this blog. Because of this the best blog for people demanding Android launches.


This is a blog by Harsh Chauhan. Therefore, he is a very amazing person having tons of knowledge. All the people consider this blog as an encyclopedia for all the new tech trends and news.


Tech Lila is a blog by Rajesh Namse and hence is considered one of the best blogs. If you want to know about the tips and tricks of tech then this is the perfect blog having no boundaries of explanation. It provides all the necessary information regarding tips and tricks of tech.

Go and refer to this page, if it fulfills your demands. There is a technology blogs India known as Future with Tech, this is also a blog that provides a good set of information. Therefore the information provided is regarding tips, tricks and all the aspects of tech. you can go and check the blog if it fulfills your needs then you can refer to it for knowing the new tech thing.


This is a blog by Geetesh Bajaj. He is a person who is very much dedicated and interested in Microsoft PowerPoint hacks. Therefore, he is a blogger and influencer who provides a good set of information regarding PowerPoint. He provides other information also but is an expert in providing Microsoft hacks.

These are the best India tech blogger and influencers who are admired all over India. Let us know your favorite blogger and influencer in the comment section below.