We all know plenty of people with the personality number 3! Threes are sociable, charismatic and friendly with a love for life. There always seems to be something fun happening with threes so unsurprisingly they find it easy to make friends. If you have a witty and charismatic friend who likes to be the center of attention, chances are he or she is a number three!

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So if you are a number three yourself, you need to be realizing your full potential and using your qualities.

Most threes are great communicators so you have the talent to inspire and move other people into action. This power could be used for good causes such as raising awareness for charitable concerns. It could also make you a great salesman or saleswoman or politician.

Personality Number 3 Persona

The personality number 3 is a natural interlocutor who is able to express themselves naturally in a myriad of ways. This personality is open and hopeful to new opportunities, or at least they seek to overcome challenges in life. Personality number 3 is a great story teller and has a tendency to explain concepts in great detail or with gusto (for example, speaking with hand gestures or facial expressions). Sometimes their passion may sound a little sexy and over the top, but they are definitely fun people to be around.

In addition this personality type usually has a deep appreciation for art and style. This doesn’t mean that all threes love spending in time in art galleries, although many of them do. This trait could manifest itself in spending a lot of time on your personal appearance, wearing jewelry, flamboyant or stylish clothes and being ahead of the curve when it comes to fashion. You may have a unique style that is all your own now, but later on we will probably all be wearing it!

Beauty is important to threes. Many threes are passionate about home décor and enjoy living in attractive and comfortable homes, decorated to their personal taste. If you are a three you are unlikely to live in a home with beige walls unless you can somehow change this to reflect your personal style and make it stylish.

Personality Number 3 In Relationships

When it comes to relationships, personality number 3 has a bit of a challenge, especially when seeking loyalty and long-term commitment. Personality number 3 has a plethora of acquaintances (usually more than is considered healthy) and savors his or her relationships. When intimacy enters the fold, this person will oftentimes turn the other way and run.  The 3 can become jealous easily too, which causes conflict to those it has rejected in the past. This makes it difficult for the personality number 3 to move on and search for more meaningful relationships. Deep down this type of individual has been skimming the surface of life and is new to most experiences. The 3 feels a hidden sense of insecurity at times and may know that others have escaped the 3 as a personal friend or relationship. When confronted with this reality, the personality number 3 may feel hopeless or devastated. Nevertheless, the personality number 3 is mostly a hopeless romantic and will often go to great lengths to see others happy and prosperous.

It can be painful to watch the joyous, flamboyant personality number 3 suddenly crash into self-pity making them vulnerable however this can be one of the best things to happen to this person as it usually signifies a great turnaround in this person’s life. One the personality number 3 finds motivation and peace within themselves they possess the enthusiasm to explore the realities of life even deeper. The happy surface of the personality number 3 is usually uncovered when the true wisdom of serenity is matched by reality.

Personality Number 3 Qualities

Although the qualities of a 3 personality are numerous, there is of course a potential downside. Their obsession with beauty and style can become shallow and lead to vanity. 

Being a great communicator is a gift but not if you use this talent for gossip and bitchiness.  This combined with the love for the center stage can lead threes to be amusing entertainers but on a personal level they can come across as self obsessed and focused on trivia.

Overall, a Number three personality is a good thing to be and a great one to know. Your Personality type 3 friends are likely to be fun and exciting people to be around and they will always have something to say about any given situation. If you are a number three personality you will always be welcome anywhere but as a word of caution, you may need to tone it down a little to avoid being criticized for being only interested in style and the sound of your own voice.