Web 2.O is the second version of WWW (World wide web) that allows users to exchange and collaborate information online. Web 2.0 technology marks the transition from static to dynamic which is more organized and inbuilt functionality by web 2.0 platforms to users, HTML themes easy to use, and editable for users.  Web 2.0 opens up the communications for web-based users.

In a simple term, web 2.0 designed for users, who don’t have the technical knowledge to change the specification of web page and hosting of the web. Its rich web application, web-oriented architecture, and social web. Web 2.0 websites offered to change in the ways web pages are designed and used by the users, without any changes in any technical specification.

What is web 2.O Submission in SEO?

Web 2.O submission is a practice of posting content on web 2.O sites with a link to your website and get dofollow outbound link. This is done for SEO purposes to get a higher rank on Google for targeted keywords, and for the purpose of increasing the DA of the domain. Some web2.O websites pass their DA to a subdomain, ex- Blogger & Stirringly. They pass their domain DA to a subdomain, so targeted domain DA increases after the web 2.0 Submission. Content submissions are free of cost at web 2.O websites. Consequently, you can accelerate your business by web 2.O submission. Most of the entrepreneur users the Web 2.0 submission sites to create back-links. Moreover, Web 2.O submission is an advance SEO technique to ranking your website or specific post keyword in a major search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing, there are no fear for spamming link and there submitting website is High PR and they crawl daily by the search engine that why that is one of the best ways for increasing high-quality backlink for the website.

Benefits of adaptive web 2.0 technology-

Easy to use

Support collaboration across time and space

Easy Accessible

Free submission

Less risk

Does not require IT support

Very little downtime

Variety of media

Learners can actively be involved in knowledge building

Can create dynamic learning communities

Everybody is the author and the editor, every edit that has been made can be tracked. It provides real-time discussion.

Web 2.0 Submission Benefits in SEO

High-quality backlink-  websites allow users to post content with the hyperlink on keyword, that’s called contextual link and pass the link juice to the linked domain. Google considers backlinks from web 2.0 websites as a high-quality vote for the linked domain. The idea is to do quality link building without involving spam activities. So, all you need to do is publishing one or two articles on different web 2.0 sites with your post link.

Instant crawling & Indexing- Crawlers are most active on Web 2.O website, crawlers crawl content on web 2.o websites regularly and, fastly. After a few hours of submission, you can find your content indexed in Google and other search engines.

Instant approved content– There is no content moderator process in the web 2.O websites for the content submission.

Free Submission

Most of the web 2.0 websites provide content submission at free of cost, can create a web page without the need for hosting and purchasing a domain. Some are paid as well.  Here is the free web 2.O submission websites list.

Some best web 2.O web Applications example-

Google Docs



Media wiki (Media sharing web 2.O application)

WordPress (blog web2.O application)

Facebook(Social networking)

Twitter (Social networking)

Web 2.O submissions websites-

  1. Blogspot
  2. WordPress
  3. Wix
  4. Weebly
  5. Strikingly
  6. Tumblr

See more web 2.O websites- https://guestblogcenter.com/web-2-0-websites/

Instructions when creating web 2.O for Backlink Purpose-

Backlinks from web 2.O would be more beneficial for your domain, if you do web 2.O submission in a proper way, keep in mind some instructions when doing the web 2.O submission, here mentioned some major instruction for web 2.O submission.

  • First and major important points is, create unique and lengthy content for web 2.O
  • Use H1, H2, H3 proper headings in the content while submitting the content, and use meta title and description as well for the post.
  • Use hypertext in a natural way
  • Use duplicacy of the content from the duplicacy checker
  • Use relevant theme from the platform and use in a proper way.
  • Take High DA web 2.0 websites only
  • Check the spam score of the websites
  • Check web 2.O websites backlink quality as well
  • Check to the index after submission is done, if content not indexed, get crawl the content by the help of the inspection tool of Google webmaster.