I chose this topic because there are many people who, at some point in their life, face the renovation, remodeling, or decoration of space in their home or the whole of it.

And it is when they realize that it is not a simple task to decorate or “dress” their spaces because there are many factors that must take into account.

In many cases, Interior Design Dubai feel overwhelmed because they do not know where to start or how to do it.

Importance of interior design

The goal of Interior Architecture, Design, and Decoration is not in the background, as many people believe, an aesthetic theme.

In countries where this discipline understood as something more profound and more critical than just decorating, designers have as raw material the management of space.

Which we always adapt and modify according to the needs and means that the client possesses, always looking for the best alternatives of Spatial, functional and economical solution for customers.

The maximum use of the available space is the fundamental axis of these disciplines. If we take into account that the current trend is to build increasingly smaller homes and apartments, this function becomes strictly necessary when it comes to taking advantage of the spaces.

It is fortunate that although the living space has reduced, the creativity of the designers has not, so fighting to adapt to the life of users in areas even smaller than 50m is a challenge.

The importance of Interior Design goes beyond the accumulation of beautiful elements, a combination of furniture or choice of color palettes.

Its importance lies in transmitting a lifestyle, according to the users, space, its characteristics, and the needs that sought to be satisfied.

The Functionality

It is following the style and utility, the reason why the functional activities of the spaces where it carries out are created or will complement.

The lighting

The importance is evident, perhaps in what they notice when acquiring a property is in how much natural light there is; generally, it is trying that the house has good lighting since not many like to live “in the dark.”

The materials

Having the certainty that the appropriate documents are using gives you the peace of mind that in the future, you will not have to face the consequences.

Always consider the disadvantages of not using correct materials such as constant maintenance and repair costs. The causes of pollution, it can even cause diseases.


It is very essential to know how to create a space to generate well-being for people, both physically and emotionally.

It is a matter of maintaining harmony, balance, and proper distribution between colors, furniture, and functional details.

Curtains Dubai Knowing how to improve a space, be it a home or office, and apartments, which helps to face life in a more positive and balanced way in many aspects.

It is possible to brighten life and be part of this change, from the inside. The goal of interior design should be to design spaces so that the user can develop naturally and comfortably